About Kasey and Audrey Davis

Kasey and Audrey Davis started their successful real estate rehab career in 2001 in southern Nevada.  They have continued to rehab properties in Utah and Nevada from that time while raising their family of 5 boys. What started out as a hobby has developed into a business for the Davis family.  In 2017 they started Davis Home Solutions to use their knowledge and experience to help others.

Davis Home Solutions focuses primarily on helping customers reach their goals. We assist seasoned investors grow their real estate portfolios as well as helping new investors navigate their 1st deal.  We also work with homeowners who need help marketing their property to the right buyers.  Our team is ready to help you invest in or market rehab properties, multi-family units, apartments, commercial property, as well as homes in probate.

At Davis Home Solutions we pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality reliable service that helps them achieve their goals.  If you are a homeowner who needs help marketing your home to the right buyer for a quick sell or an investor looking to grow your real estate portfolio contact Davis Home Solutions to see how we can help you.

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