House Issues

House Issues

If your house has structural issues, damage from storms or fire, or is simply too ugly to sell, we can help. No matter the condition of your home or the circumstances that make it undesirable to keep, we have a solution. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Learn more about some of the common reasons that people, just like you, are turning to Real Market Experts, the trusted professionals, to sell their homes.

Not Enough Equity to Pay Agent Commissions

If you’ve only owned your home for a couple of years, and took out a mortgage loan financing over 90% of the purchase price, then you likely do not yet have enough equity in the home to pay closing costs …

Undesirable Neighborhood

When you are looking to sell your home, there are a lot of upgrades, renovations, and cosmetic enhancements you can make to the house so it is more appealing in a competitive real estate market. However, if your home is …

House is Too Ugly to Sell

To sell a house quickly in a conventional and competitive realty market, it has to have immense curb appeal, upgraded features, and beautiful aesthetics. If a home is visually and structurally appealing, and offers a favorable floor plan, it makes …

House Has Storm or Fire Damage

If your home has been significantly damaged by a storm or fire, then you are likely facing extensive expenses to repair and restore the condition of your home. These costly repairs, coupled with the mortgage payments you have remaining on …

House Needs Complete Renovation

If you wish to sell an older home that is in desperate need of renovations, then it can be very challenging, time-intensive, and expensive to upgrade the house and prepare it for listing on the market. Depending on the work …


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