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Prior to his real estate career, Stephen held various corporate management roles where he was directly responsible for providing strategic direction throughout large organizations to increase efficiency and maximize service, which translated to a superior level of customer satisfaction.

DLBS Equities

Stephen has proven to be proficient at building relationships with multiple stakeholders yielding successful partnerships in order to complete an objective successfully. However, his entry into real estate was inevitable. It started when his parents and siblings moved into his grandfather’s home built in the early 1950s. As old as it was, they saw the potential of the property and went to work. Day after day, Stephen and his dad would “rehab” small sections of the home to unlock the hidden potential of the great space. 2 years later, they completed the lengthy, impulsive project. Stephen was elated with the results he saw in the transformation of his family’s home and became obsessed with wanting to do it again. That is when he went into rehabbing for himself. During this time, he bought properties and started to fix them up them minutes after moving in. It also helped coming from a family with a combined 30 years of practice in the real estate field. Stephen’s personal experience, combined with his current success in real estate sales makes him uniquely qualified to help you reach your goal. He currently holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Finance and Business Economics from City University of New York: Herbert H Lehman College located in Bronx, NY.

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