About Quartier Homes LLC

In 2014, Deb Carbott began her real estate career with an emphasis on rehabbing vacant outdated or distressed houses. Turning these empty, often “ugly”, houses into beautiful homes, mainly for first-time buyers, was a driving factor for her. But as her career progressed and she heard story after story about the original owners’ situations, she became obsessed with helping these people, especially when selling with a Realtor was not a viable option. So, this led to her reaching out to owners who need help selling their homes because of some urgent need or are just stuck with a house they don’t want.

Deb will work with these homeowners to find real-world solutions to their particular situations. She will make a fast and fair offer to buy your house in any condition. Even if a house doesn’t meet her own buying preferences, she has a wide network of investors looking for all types of properties to purchase. Deb’s friendly, honest, and informed approach defines her style and she’s always looking forward to helping the next challenged property owner.

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