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We respect your time and treat you with ultimate courtesy. We’ll talk about your house and get some basic information – confidential and secure.


Our nationwide network of investors goes to work for you insuring that you get the absolute best price for your home.


Once you agree on the offer, we rush to the closing table with cash for you. No commissions, no hidden fees, no delays.

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You are NOT alone regardless of your situation

Personal Issues

Whether you have encountered personal issues like bankruptcy, divorce, loss of your job or, the loss of a spouse, we can help. You’re not alone. Our decades of experience helping others in difficult circumstances qualifies us to work with you in your unique situation. We’re happy to discuss your options, and we’re here to help.

Learn more about some of the common reasons that people, just like you, are turning to Real Market Experts, the trusted professionals, to sell their homes.

Finance Issues

Are you facing rising monthly payments from an adjustable rate mortgage or too many liens, slipped behind on your taxes, or you just require some cash now to take care of urgent bills,? We can help. Give us a call today.

Learn more about some of the common reasons that people, just like you, are turning to Real Market Experts, the trusted professionals, to sell their homes.

House Issues

If your house has structural issues, damage from storms or fire, or is simply too ugly to sell, we can help. No matter the condition of your home or the circumstances that make it undesirable to keep, we have a solution. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Learn more about some of the common reasons that people, just like you, are turning to Real Market Experts, the trusted professionals, to sell their homes.

Market Issues

If your house has fallen prey to a declining neighborhood, troublesome tenants, a slow real estate market, or you have become tired of being a landlord, we are eager to do everything in our power to assist you.

Learn more about some of the common reasons that people, just like you, are turning to Real Market Experts, the trusted professionals, to sell their homes.

Sell Your Gurnee Home - Get a Quote from Sixto Robles

It happens. You need to move and fast. You find yourself uncertain of what to do. You do know one thing, however, and that is you need cash.

If you need to find a homebuyer in Gurnee or are looking to sell your home for cash, then look no further. We can help you sell your house in Gurnee and give you cash. Want to learn more? A real estate expert at Real Market Experts will guide you through the process. Making the call will be the easiest thing you may do today! Give us a ring at 1-800-SELL-NOW or fill out a form and get a quote.

We understand the need to sell your house, and you have our guarantee that our professionals will help through every step of the process. Let us sell your home for cash and help you move forward. Times are rough and our years of experience and knowledge will help you get the cash you need to move forward. We know the decision to sell your home is not an easy choice, and we will make the process as painless as possible. Give us a ring today and speak to one of our experts!

Find out right now. Knowledge truly is power. Get empowered today!

Pine Builders LLC

Having received my Bachelors Degree in Nov. of ’82 in Business Administration at North Park College, I entered the Army Reserves till ’91. While serving, in’84, I started my career in real estate. I was intrigued by the potential gains available in the industry. My first experience was in the field of Mortgage Banking & Lending. I moved into loan servicing in ‘87 with the Veterans Administration and then I acquired my Real Estate License in IL in 1989 with Century 21. Currently, as a Licensed Broker Agent in Illinois with Equity ILL.,R.E., I have now owned over 50 different properties and managed over 200 doors. Thus, thanking God, I have helped many families along my career. I have learned from the best coaches and mentors in the Real Estate field throughout the years.

I have bought, refinanced, sold, and I have gone through the HURT of modifications, short sales, work out agreements, forbearance agreements and unfortunately also foreclosures. But, I am being real here, because you want to work with someone that is experienced and knowledgeable, but yet understanding of your situation. So, I have learned from all my mistakes and errors as well. I have had great gains and great losses. Therefore, I truly believe that along with all my continual real estate education, plus all my own experience in all these areas; it is of the most highest value in dealing with sellers, buyers, investors, lenders, agents in all fields of R.E., and in getting transactions CLOSED! Again, although the last few years have been pretty hard due to many variables, for the most part, I can still say; “Real Estate has been very, very good to me”, and it can be for you too.

God has guided me and still does! Thus, I still enjoyed my time as an investor and I am always looking for great deals from wholesalers and commercial deals with add value and cash on cash returns that allow my investors to continue buying properties with me and from me. So, if you have a great deal, call me too see how I can help you make money too. “Win, Win, Win”, It is very important that everyone in a transaction WINS! I’ll be looking forward to working with you. This is definitely the best time to Sell & Buy. Yes, Location, Location, Location!!, but Timing, Timing, Timing!!, is important too. So, don’t wait too long and then wonder; “What happened?’. This is the best time to profit and reach your American Dreams. So, if you are ready to get started, fill out the form and send me a message. I will get back to you a.s.a.p S.

Need To Sell Fast? No Hidden Fees. No Extra Commissions. No Delays.

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Our team of professional real estate strategists has encountered all types of situations requiring people to sell their homes in a hurry. We doubt that you will be able to stump us, but if you can, we are always up for a challenge. In fact, we thrive on challenges. We would LOVE to HELP you sell your home quickly and reclaim your financial stability!

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