Jim Fogleman

In 2003, Jim Fogleman began his career as a real estate investor. He was very successful until the economy crashed, and realized he had to quickly adjust the way houses were being bought and sold. Jim remained undaunted, and while still working a full time job as a national project manager for a security firm, he began immersing himself in researching successful real estate investment strategies online, and with some very successful investors. He absorbed all the information he could find, and in 2008, he started working in real estate investments full time.

In 2013 he co-founded Home Spark, LLC. with his wife, Cindy. Jim’s tenacity, fortitude, and creative thinking helped him rise above a poor economy and discover ways he could help home owners sell their houses quickly. Using his innovative and effective investment knowledge and strategies, Jim has helped flip many homes since 2008, and he continually strives to create opportunities and solutions for people who want to sell their homes quickly for cash

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