REinvest North Florida, LLC

REinvest North Florida, LLC is the parent company of two leading Real Estate enterprises in the Southeast: The Northeast Florida location of 1-800-Sell-Now, and Southeast Lease Options

REinvest North Florida, LLC specializes in the following areas:


We are not your typical wholesaler that is looking to “flip” your property. We actually buy your real estate for cash with a plan to RENOVATE the property. After renovation, we either sell to a retail customer on the MLS, or we keep the property as a rental investment. Since we buy the property directly from you, we cut out the Wholesaler Middleman and can pay you MORE for your property!!

Lease Options:

If you don’t have a lot of equity in your property but need to sell, a lease option may be your best choice. At Southeast Lease Options, we will pay the highest price, we will lease your property on a long-term basis, we guarantee the monthly payments, we take over and pay for all the day to day maintenance of the property, and we eliminate all the headaches that are normally associated with having tenants. You receive great income for a few years, then your house is sold for top dollar!

Listing Properties on the MLS:

If you are not interested in selling to an investor, and if a lease-option is not the way you want to go, I am a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with INI Realty Investments, Inc and I can list your property on the MLS and provide comprehensive marketing for a quick sale at top dollar!

Who Are Your Jacksonville Real Market Experts?

Richard Still

Richard has been a Realtor that has been licensed since 2006. His background includes an MBA from Columbia University in New York, the owner of a multi-state countertop company, the Managing Director of a Jacksonville based Investment Banking Firm, and the CFO of an $100 million revenue egg company. Richard is a licensed salesperson through INI Realty Investments, Inc. in Jacksonville Florida.

Bill Fielder

Bill is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and was co-owner of the countertop company with Richard. Bill was the owner of one of the southeastern US largest door manufacturing companies and also the owner of a commercial cabinet company. In 2015, Bill sold his cabinet company and began pursuing real estate investing (primarily rehabbing) on a full time basis.

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