Not Enough Equity to Pay Agent Commissions

Not Enough Equity to Pay Agent Commissions

If you’ve only owned your home for a couple of years, and took out a mortgage loan financing over 90% of the purchase price, then you likely do not yet have enough equity in the home to pay closing costs should you decide to sell. Typical closing costs and agent commissions can range from 8%-10% of the purchase price. This means it can actually cost you more money to sell your home than you can profit from it if you lack equity.

If you want to sell your home, but don’t have the equity or spare funds to cover such costly expenses, then you’re probably wondering, “Is there any way to sell my house for free?”

Real Market Experts knows how to sell your home quickly, and will not charge any agent commissions or closing costs upon the sale. This network of established, successful real estate investment experts is dedicated to helping you sell your home directly, and they know just how to sell your house quickly as well. Fill out the Real Market Experts online form to get an estimate on your house.

If you do not have sufficient equity in your home to cover agent fees and closing costs, then call 1-800-SELL-NOW for a free home estimate, and see how you can sell your home in 7 days. Your Real Market Expert with Real Market Experts can help you sell your home without all the costly expenses and fees. We have 1 years of experience selling homes in the Sacramento area. We can sell a home fast and do not charge any realty fees or closing costs. Our business is devoted to helping people sell their homes quickly, even if they don’t have adequate equity for closing costs.

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