Military Transfer

Military Transfer

If you are a member of the military, then it is very likely that you will have to transfer to new posts throughout the course of your service to your country. If you’ve purchased a home along the way, and are being transferred for an extensive timeframe or to a distant location or country, then you may decide selling that home is now necessary.

When you receive your transfer orders, there isn’t typically enough time provided for you to go through the traditional steps of listing, showing, and selling your home through a realty. Additionally, attempting to sell your home from afar can be complicated, particularly since your important duties might make you hard to contact for long periods of time.

If you have been transferred to a new military post, you have probably had the thought, “I need to sell my house fast, and I need to sell my house now,” going through your mind.

Our home buyers can help you sell your home quickly before you have to move to your new post. We are real estate experts and members of the prestigious Real Market Experts. We have 1 years of experience selling homes directly in the Sacramento area. Our business is devoted to helping people sell their houses quickly. If you are being transferred to a new military post, and need to sell your house quickly, call 1-800-SELL-NOW today to receive a free, no-obligation estimate.

RME is an industry-leading network of top real estate investment experts who specialize in selling homes fast by connecting motivated buyers with service men and women who need to sell their home in the small window of time before transferring military posts. RME can sell most homes in as little as 7 days, with no realtor fees or closing costs. To get a complimentary, obligation-free estimate on your home, fill out the secure Real Market Experts online form or call 1-800-SELL-NOW to speak with a qualified investment expert.

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