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You can rest assured with my background I can help you find a solution. No agents, no commissions and no hassles. Even if it means no business for me. I truly feel everyone deserves to be treated with respect and integrity and not judged or treated as if they are at a used car lot. We all face challenges in life, I know I have. All communications are held in strict confidence. Below are some of my talents that I lend to those that I choose to work with and that choose to work with me…I hope you become one of my clients.

You will have a problem solver that has been self-employed since 1999 and in the business of problem solving real-estate issues since 2004. I have a successful back ground in solving debt-management/financial issues and was a certified tax preparer. My back ground will help you find solutions to your real-estate problems. If you are in foreclosure, probate, touchy family issues, inherited properties and time sensitive issues, unwanted rentals with vagrants, code violations, down-sizing and properties needing varying degrees of rehabilitation know we can help. Take a deep breath. Help is just a short and confidential phone call away. Give me a call and let’s see how best to address your situation.

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